Click/Circuits is...

A small team of experienced design engineers located in beautiful downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota (it's in the middle of the United States - check Google Maps if you're still confused).

Our backgrounds include Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Mathematical Data Analysis. Experiences levels range from 5 years to 15 years and motivation levels range from «high» to «very high».

Our areas of focus include embedded systems, data analysis, software engineering, and general purpose design work. For more information about the types of projects we've worked on see the "What we Do" tab.

At click/circuits our mission is to help our customers solve interesting and challenging new problems. If you think you might have one that qualifies, give us a call!

Embedded Systems Design and Debugging

In an Internet of things, we make the things go.

  • Component Research and Circuit Design
  • Board Bring-Up
  • User Interface Design
  • System Control Software

In an age of inexpensive and powerful microcontrollers and ubiquitous network connectivity, embedded systems power almost every device in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, the workings of I2C, PLLs, or bootloaders are arcane mysteries to today's crop of web-only, self-taught developers.

You can count on click/circuits' solid electrical engineering and computer science background for a variety of embedded-system related tasks, from PCB design to board bring-up to basic, attractive embedded user interfaces.

Video and Audio Systems

Don’t know your HDMI from your SDI? Is your scaling not going according to plan? click/circuits can help.

With years of experience in audiovisual system design, touching both professional and consumer systems, click/circuits has wide expertise in:

  • Audio and Video Standards
  • Circuit Design for Common Transmission Formats
  • CODECs and Processing Algorithms (Open and Closed Source)
  • IP-based Real-time Transport Protocols

Several of our engineers have had over ten years of experience in the video industry. Whatever your system design needs are, we provide an unmatched understanding of how to get things done in embedded and software-based A/V systems.

Business Data Analysis

Because the benefits of big data aren't just for big businesses.

  • Data Diving
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Business Problem Solving
  • Trend Tracking

Chances are your business has amassed a variety large, collected data sets sitting in disparate databases across a dozen different systems. With click/circuits' help, you can can transform a "mess of data" into "valuable information."

Properly organized and interpreted data is a powerful tool for answering business questions. Whether it's a simple reporting request ("How do customers typically buy my product? I need a dashboard that breaks down our daily activity.") or a more in-depth analysis ("What mix of SKUs do different customer types prefer? Are there any interesting patterns in my customers' behavior?") click/circuits has you covered.

Satellite and Sensor Data Characterization

Find the signal and the noise - and know the difference.

  • Satellite Data Analysis (Landsat, Quickbird, etc.)
  • Sensor Modeling
  • Signal and Noise Characterization
  • Statistical Analysis

With almost a decade of experience across multiple employees, click/circuits has unique and detailed expertise with processing and trending satellite sensor and GIS data. Let our experience in solid, mathematically-based trend analysis become your secret weapon for breaking through tough problems with physical systems.

Software Development

Your digital handyman in a world of APIs and HTML5.

  • Automation and Scripting
  • Graphics and Video
  • Software Development

A variety of past projects and a wide mix of expertise amongst our employees has positioned click/circuits to help clients in a wide range of additional, software-related tasks. Examples include:

  • scripting and automation of file processing
  • real-time video systems
  • graphic rendering and animation
  • basic website creation
  • API integration for document generation
Whether it's establishing your brand online, solving a repetitive process problem, or just getting a small development project "off your plate" so you can focus on the important stuff. Click/circuits is easy to work with and professional - no job too big or too small!

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